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 Relax your Zenses

This Classical Relaxation massage will leave you intensely relaxed and will give you an entire sense of rest and peace.

Always with much love, care and attention for your whole Being, given with warm, caressing oils. Furthermore mixed with a variety of techniques to reach the deeper muscle-layers and tissues.

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Exchange: 1 hour à € 60,- 
1½ hour € 85,-: 
this session is recommended in case you are pretty tensed/ stressed out, it's hard fot you to relax and/ or your muscles are very tight. 
2 hours: € 110,- 

streep AZM eind

• Discount for digital payment:
Discount of 5 %, only when you make an in advance payment of 3 days before the session or earlier.

• Payment-information:
NL40 INGB 0006 9212 20 - Awaking Zenses Massage in Den Haag. Please mention the sessionname if possible and the date of the appiontment.


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