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 Break through Zenses- Body-dearmouring



Do you feel blocked in your natural life-flow of energy, do you often face the same theme’s/ emotions, that you might carry old trauma’s which you really would love to let go?
Or would you like to go deeper with/ start with Tantra, but something needs to be cleaned up first before you are up to that?
Than Dearmouring, letting go of the armoures which we all subconsciously create during our lifes, could help us with that!
Through pressurepoints, given on a direct and often also painfull way, the deep tissue will be touched. In this tissue old memories, convictions, experienced, past lives etc. are stored and prevent you from living your life freely and happyly.
We will be starting with a ‘bodyscan’ to see which parts (of the torso) will need most attention and treatment. to free those parts intensely. This can bring discomfort but still you will remain in charge and it is also a possibility that you will experience an ecstatic high.
For some people 1 treatment will be sufficient, for others more sessions are required. Please follow your intuition in this.
The ‘intake’, scan and treatment itself will take around 2 hours. Make sure you eat lightly before and after the session, and preferably don’t make any appointments afterwards or even in the day after so that you can process it all carefully and give room to anything that can come up like emtions, fysical discomfort, etc.
streep AZM eind

€ 135,- for 2 hours                           

  During the nighttime after 18 hour there will be an extra € 20,- on the total amount.
streep AZM eind

• Payment-information:
NL40 INGB 0006 9212 20 - Awaking Zenses Massage in Den Haag. Please mention the sessionname if possible and the date of the appiontment.

• Discount for digital payment:
Discount of 5 %, only when you make an in advance payment of 3 days before the session or earlier.

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