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 Four hands Zenses

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It was this session which made me litteraly get in touch with Tantra; a celestial and profound spiritual experience to me once I was able to surrender to the loving and tender care. The ever respectfull caresses of those four hands, honouring my body and lifting me up to another level of receiving into another dimension. Cherished, nourished, fluently and soft, no judgements and timeless. . .

Mona van Weerdenburg is my dear and experienced collegue whomewith I will be offering you this massage-ritual.

Like two Lovegoddessess we will guide you as from our feminine power to your own strenghth and we will invite you to surrender completely, with no control or resistance of ego left.
Especially when you have troubles doing this, a session like this where you might get disorriented can be the most ideal way to practice and see what happens if you really can let go of your-Self and deepen your surrenderance. . .
We will be using all of ourselves (body, mind, heart and soul) to playfully touch you, arouse and awaken you on all levels.
Warmly welcoming you at Mona’s place De Bogen (near Central Station Amsterdam) or at Serena’s place in The Hague.

Notice: This session is also available with a male Tantric where you might experience new out-of-your-comfort-zone things and can get familiar with the male energy and the mail touch. (also in an exchange sitution on demand) You might overcome some old ideas, convictions, conventions and even fears maybe.
Of course we will discuss your wishes in advance and offer a safe and friendly atmosphere as we consider this as an essential condition for all meetings. 



2 hour session € 320,-
2½ hour session € 380,-

3 hours: € 420,-
3½ hours: € 470,=
4 hours: € 500,-

During the nighttime as from 18h and during the weekends an extra amount of € 30,- will be charged for this session.

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• Discount for digital payment:
Discount of 5 %, only when you make an in advance payment of 3 days before the session or earlier.

• Payment-information:
NL40 INGB 0006 9212 20 - Awaking Zenses Massage in Den Haag. Please mention the sessionname if possible and the date of the appiontment.


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