♣ Conditions



• Please do not make last-minute appointments; we’d like to be prepared properly and take the time that is needed for that.

• We handle our clients with respect and also expect respect from you.

• It would be nice if you could be here freshly and clean, but we have the opportunity to have a shower at both locations.

• We kindly ask you not to wear heavy, synthetical aftershave/ perfume or smoke just before the session as we are very sensitive.

• You are the Receiver of the massage, not otherwise. In spite of the sensual nature of most of the treatm ents there is no sexual action involved.

• We can only accept cash.

• Cancelling the appointement should be done 48 hours in advance.

• We charge 50% of the total session fee if there is a No Show.

• We kindly ask you not to be here early than the appointment time: we need the preparationtime and have no waitingroom!

• When you are dealing with health-issues please note this before the session.

• Please call with number-recognition. It is quite hard to work without and therefor we don’t answer anonymous calls.

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