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Serena w

My deep wish to connect people to themselves, to their inner source, and their authenticity, to give sincere attention and awareness regards patterns and stagnations, their possibilities in life, was there since a long time yet but seemed a long gone dream. . .

The Tantra sessions represent experiencing, examination and awareness and give me the possibility to apply all of those aspects at the same time.


Several years ago the massages came to me while attending a massage course in Alphen (Netherlands) where I got in touch with a variety of techniques and at the same time by working in a practice in the South of the Netherlands.

There I developed myself learning the Tantric techniques and ideas and gradually I became familiar with this way of massaging as well as with the tantric filosophies. (reading a lot of works of Osho, Barry Long a.o. helped a lot) while trying to apply this in daily life as much as possible. By all that I became inspired to start my own practice with a varied menu of massages in a nice and ambiented room where people would feel at home, be themselves, where they could dance, enjoy and play and in that way be able to grow in a safe surrounding.

To me, personal development and growth is important as well as growing in my massages, learning new things to keep it interesting.

Over the years I learned something of everything I attended; from Journalism, from the Academy of Modern Music, from the Psychiatry where I worked for about 4 years on a voluntary basis, from a 1 year training ‘Coaching in a Dynamic and Artistic way & Inner Development’, working for a homecare organisation, from the musical performances I gave since I was little, the Tantra courses, the Universal Energy course and even from the years at the office which didn’t brought me satisfaction in the end to use, expand my talents and possibilities.

In the end all thing contribute to the growth of us as a human and I don’t believe you follow a certain path without a reason.

I’d work from personal life-experience and my heart with compassion rather than study based. People notice that and feel easily at ease at our place. This is not only my standard but this also counts for my collegues as an important condition to create a warm, nice and fluent session.

Besides massaging I’d like to express myself through music (mostly vocal), writing music, from jazz to singing bowls together with some musicians. We are planning to organize concerts and healing sessions in the near future. Singing bowls create, with the soundvibrations, more room inside the body to free emotional stagnations and heal this. More balance arises as well as deep rest and relaxation. Later on I’d like to add singing bowl-massages to my massagemenu. 

As for the rest I’d love to express my creativity in many other ways (like painting and fysical expression such as belly dancing). I’m working as a model now and than for brochures, commercial purposes and artists and when an interesting project comes along I’ll be gladly informed.

Also I am interested in meditation, yoga (Dru-, Hatha- en Vinyasa yoga) reading books, writing, being absorbed by nature, going to the theater, festivals, cult movies, cooking in a vegetarian/ biological way.

I’d like to meet you, unique person, for a nice session with lots of synergy, inspiration and intense flow. . .


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