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Welcome to the miraculous world of 
    Massage, Meditation & Relaxation


Your senses will during this relaxing journey in an Eastern atmosphere be stimulated to the extreme.

The massages we give act on different levels of your being:



  on the mental level: your mind will be in rest fully;

  on the emotional level: de loving massages are mostly experienced as healing;

  on spiritual level: your consciousness expands;

  and of course on the physical level: the caresses and soft strokes of the body as a gateway to the deeper levels of the human Being.

The treatments we give are as well deeply relaxing as well as refreshing.

The healing power of contact with Love and Attention.

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"Due to summervacation, as from the 11th of July till the 21st of July, I am not available for sessions or contact by Phone. Meanwhile you can text me per Whatsapp or SMS in case you'd like to book a session for the end of July or shortly after. I am wishing you all Love & a beautiful, relaxed and inspiring Summertime!"

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♣ What has been

• New dates Cacao-ceremonies spring/ summer 2019 now available

• Saturday 11th of May, nighttime; 20.00-22.30u 
   location Zowat aan Zee, Keizerstraat 40b, The Hague/Scheveningen

• Monday, 17th of June, Full Moon-ceremony in co-creation with Tineke Duys, Shaman

• Friday 21st of June, Soulstice (start Summertime), nighttime:
   hopelfully in the dunes of The Hague

• Saturday 20th of July
   location probably the dunes of The Hague 

• Saturday 17th of August 
   location probably the dunes of The Hague

• Saturday 3rd of August 
   location probably the dunes of The Hague