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♥ Extra Shakti Zenses (4 hands)


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In this special ritual you will be touched, caressed by 20 fingers. The invitation is to Surrender to the intensity of our female energy and four massaging hands. Have the fire inside you dance, let the inner ice melt and open up to your authentic self.

You might feel more vital due to this much attention and energy. We will support you in your breath,thus the expereince can deepen itself. dThat what is inside can be felt more purely and clear.

I will offer this beautiful massage-ritual with my collegue and 'sister' Mona (see picture) or with Sander my male colleque, both on request. 

Sessions take place in The Hague or in the real atmospherique room of Tussen de Bogen in Amsterdam. In Amsterdam is a bath available.

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Rates are:

2 hour session: € 300,-

2,5 hour sessie: 340,-

3 hour sessie: 375,-

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• Korting voor digitale betalers*
Om betaling via de bank te stimuleren biedt ik een korting van 5 % op de totaalprijs van alles van mijn aanbod. Dit geldt alleen wanneer je 3 dagen of langer voor aanvang van de massage/sessie het bedrag kunt voldoen.
• Betalingsgegevens: NL40 INGB 0006 9212 20 t.n.v Awaking Zenses Massage te Den Haag. Vermeldt hierbij graag de soort sessie en de datum ervan! 


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Rates are: