activi02      Welcome to the miraculous world of 
    Massage, Meditation & Relaxation

Your senses will during this relaxing journey in an Eastern atmosphere be stimulated to the extreme.

The massages we give act on different levels of your being:

on the mental level: your mind will be in rest fully;
on the emotional level: de loving massages are mostly experienced as healing;
on spiritual level: your consciousness expands;
♥      and of course on the physical level: the caresses and soft strokes of the body as a gateway to the deeper levels of the human Being.

The treatments we give are as well deeply relaxing as well as refreshing.

The healing power of contact with Love and Attention.

streep AZM eind

I’ll be absent for sessions and email as from the 29th of December till the 8th of January as I am on winterretreat. For the more urgent matters or bookings shortly after the first week of January, plse send me an sms with your date-options via: 0031-( 0)616 123 953.
Enjoy the holidays and let your light shine!
      Do we get to see you enjoying this Winter?

Surrender ultimately to 4 warm and loving hands in The Hague or in our spiritual capital Amsterdam.
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  Zensfull meditatie-uurtje
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